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Making the IoT work for you with wireless tools, mobile access and cloud-based data management – Frederic Baudart & Samantha LeSesne

Over the past couple of years, Fluke has been working on a wireless tools implementation and condition based monitoring system that connect wireless measurement devices directly to the cloud for remote event monitoring as well as onsite troubleshooting.

The core advantage of wireless data transfer is no more manual import/export, data entry or spreadsheet work, which means fewer errors, greater consistency and a far better view into asset health. Wireless tools also improve electrical safety, and adopting a wireless workflow speeds up problem resolution, smooths out team workflows and almost always contributes to greater predictability and less downtime.

Data collected by wireless tools can be accessed on the Fluke Connect mobile app or through Fluke Connect® Condition Monitoring software. Having a cloud-based data management system allows technicians and managers to see all measurements on an individual asset in one place through data-driven graphics such as trend lines on vibration measurements; electrical, temperature and pressure readings; even series of thermal images over time.

A benefit of continuous measurement is status history that can show change in the equipment’s health and provide justification for a manager’s decision to issue a work order for further troubleshooting, repair or component replacement. Through Fluke’s research with this device and wireless tools, we have found that data management leads to stronger proactive maintenance, increased energy efficiency and higher safety compliance rates. 

Further aspects of the relationship of IoT to wireless tools, mobile access, and cloud-based data management will be discuss during the Parade of Technologies course.