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Motor Circuit Analysis: An Introduction to De-energized Electrical Motor Testing

Managers, engineers, & electricians that are responsible for maintaining electrical motor system operation will benefit from attending this informative introduction to electrical motor diagnostics using Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA) at the University of Tennessee’s Reliability and Maintainability Center’s Parade of Technologies event. We will discuss why electric motors fail and why ohm meters & insulation to ground testers only detect ~10% of motor failures.

Many people think they don’t have time or personnel to dedicate to the task of electric motor testing. However, motor testing using an MCA tool is very easy to implement and the MCA test takes <3 minutes. We will demonstrate why you should grab the MCA tool instead of the Meg-ohmmeter next time a motor system unexpectedly quits running at your facility. MCA can identify a ground fault, but it also evaluates the connections, cables, and detects internal stator winding faults. Moreover, MCA motor testing can be used for Quality Control & Commissioning, Trouble-shooting, and Predictive Maintenance.

This short course will provide you with valuable information to help you understand motor system faults and how to diagnose them. It includes hands-on interactive learning activities to teach what different fault indications mean and how this new information can help you make better decisions about the condition of your rotating equipment.  Case studies from actual field testing will be reviewed and discussed to bring it all together to help you better understand the applications and benefits motor testing will bring to your facility.

ALL-TEST Pro is excited to be back and we look forward to helping you better understand Electrical Motor Diagnostics and how it can benefit you.