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Common reason for unplanned downtime – Michael A Olszewski

The most common reason for unplanned downtime of belt-driven machinery is pulley misalignment. Pulley misalignment can increase wear on pulleys and belts as well as increasing the noise and vibration levels that can result in unplanned machinery downtime. Another side effect of increased vibration is premature bearing failure. This too can cause unplanned machinery downtime. Traditional belt alignment methods are usually, single laser or visual in combination with a straight edge and/or length of string.

Using a laser belt alignment tool is quicker and more accurate than traditional methods. The unique B.A.T. Belt Alignment Tool® aligns the pulley faces accurately and quickly as well as providing live feedback on the mechanical condition of the system.

Participants will learn how to apply the dual laser alignment method to many types of belt alignment situations. In addition,  Soft Foot Testing, Offset Alignment, Multiple Pulley Alignment and other techniques will be presented.  Interpretation of the laser results and diagnosis of machinery defects often overlooked will also be explored.

Accurate pulley and belt alignment can result in:

  • Increased bearing life.
  • Increase machinery uptime, efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduced wear on pulleys and belts.
  • Reduced friction and thereby energy consumption.
  • Reduced noise and vibration.
  • Reduced costs of replacing components.

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