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Online Training for Spare Parts Inventory Management


Spare parts inventory management doesn’t follow the usual rules of supply chain and inventory management theory, yet this what most people try to apply to this discipline. Not understanding the nuances of spare parts inventory management


results in the under-achievement of optimization goals, overspending on spare parts inventories, and projects that stagnate or fail. solves these problems.

Phillip Slater created this website to provide you with the training, information, and support you need to optimize your spare parts inventory, increase spare parts availability, reduce stock-outs, and achieve high levels of accuracy.

Membership of the online resource center at provides you with access to:

  • Spare parts specific training courses covering inventory management, inventory optimization, integration with maintenance and reliability, and spare parts policy development
  • Our extensive online resources library, including all articles,videos, white papers, podcasts, ebooks, guidelines, and presentations
  • Online support for answering all of your spare parts related questions via direct email access to Phillip Slater
  • Our Capability Framework to help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current approach to spare parts inventory management and develop your improvement plan
  • Our Continuing Professional Development program that recognizes your progress and know-how
  • Our ReOrder Point Calculator to help with your day-to-day decision making.


Click Here for more information on the R&M Engineering Implementation Certification Program.