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Learn how to attain R&M Competitive Excellence

Klaus BlacheThe Strategic Leadership in R&M Bootcamp course is for any person planning, implementing or leading a reliability and/or maintainability initiative (small or large). It is also for individuals or teams that are struggling with implementation of R&M at the plant floor, team or organizational level. The topics, discussions and exercises covered will build on proven R&M concepts (for any type of company) and quickly get into business excellence models, life cycle asset management as a strategy, risk management, understanding continuous improvement and culture for success, top quartile KPI’s, and strategy & planning for R&M, Part of the third day will be focused on tying it all together in a review of course learning and developing your roadmap towards enabling R&M business excellence.

The challenge for sustainable change is organizational, technical, and social, and must be addressed from all aspects together. Accomplishing a large change effort (lean, condition based maintenance, RCM, TPM, etc.) is at best difficult. Sustaining it is even harder. There are many tools, techniques and associated roadblocks to implementation. The Strategic Leadership in R&M Bootcamp is about knowing what to do, taking action and getting things done. – Klaus Blache