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Maintenance Planning and Scheduling – Jeff Shiver


For organizations with dedicated planner scheduler positions, we find that only about 10% of them are utilized effectively. Often, you find no weekly schedule, or one for the weekend only. Couple that fact with a lack of corrective job plans or reusable history.  The goal of planning and scheduling is to eliminate the avoidable delays so the organization can accomplish more work. One of the root causes for the lack of planner scheduler effectiveness is the organization as whole, including the planner scheduler themselves have never been educated on the role and function.  There is a one-two punch for planning and scheduling. First is education and training such as the UTK-RMC 3-day Maintenance Planning and Scheduling course. The second is follow-on coaching and mentoring.  The organization can benefit with an increase in maintenance worker effectiveness from the typical range of 25-35% upwards to 55-65%.  That’s a big increase in the amount of work done. Every hour spent on planning and scheduling yields 3-5 hours in the field. What are you waiting on to get your planner schedulers trained?