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North American Reliability & Maintenance Benchmarking Study

By Klaus M. Blache

Production throughput and being cost competitive are as important as ever. Understanding what is attainable and implementing reliability and maintenance best practices can provide that opportunity. This benchmarking study is a repeat of a similar effort performed in 1991 by the author. It has been published in two parts (June and July, 2009) in Plant Engineering Magazine. Part one is a comparison of 1991 versus 2008 results and some additional findings. Part two is an analysis of trends, impacts of variables (such as size of company and operator involvement), most important maintenance metrics used and a summary of anticipated changes in reliability and maintainability over the next ten years, and more.

These four PDFs are an expanded version of the two articles and the charts that support them. This information may be reproduced so long as it is not altered and credit is given to the author (Klaus M. Blache, University of Tennessee Reliability & Maintainability Center). If you have questions or would like to further discuss R&M, please contact Klaus Blache

Benchmarking Article, part 1 (posted: 9/14/09)
Benchmarking Article, part 2 (posted: 9/14/09)

Benchmarking Charts, part 1 (posted: 9/14/09)
Benchmarking Charts, part 2 (posted: 9/14/09)