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Registration for the R&M Implementation Certification



The Reliability and Maintainability Center has received your registration for the R&M Implementation Certification.  Please take a moment to review the information regarding the program below.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

To complete the certification you will need six courses per the following and one project:

  • Three or more completed courses from the RMC (you can find the schedule posted on the right hand side of our website or in the professional development tab) One course must be one of the RMC Boot-Camps such as “Overview of Modern R&M Concepts”
  • Three completed courses from an RMC Training Partner (partners listed on the bottom of the certificate training page)
    • One Predictive Maintenance Technology Certification (ultrasound, thermography, vibration, etc.) can count as one course completed if you are actively using the technology.

If you have a currently used certification or courses completed with the RMC or a training partner, than please forward the certificate of completion to me via email and I will update your profile. I will confirm with you which classes have been counted towards the RMIC. There are no set times to complete the six courses needed to move forward, and the RMC has designed this to fit your schedule and budget throughout the program.

The last portion of the certification is the implementation project. This is a company specific project guided by the RMC.  The purpose of the implementation project should be to help an organization achieve its top goals or objectives (measureable KPI). You will suggest to us what baseline KPI’s / goals / objective serve as the basis for this project that you would propose, and we will schedule a timeframe and RMC Consultant to help and guide you through this.

Once you have completed and received your certification (RMIC), you will be awarded with a plaque and a chance to present your project at the next MARCON held in Knoxville, TN.  Your certification will be documented, and you will be able to use the RMIC abbreviations with your professional title.

To maintain the status, you will need to be recertified by doing one of the following in subsequent three years:

  • Complete two courses from the RMC’s training schedule
  • Complete one course from the RMC and one course from an approved RMC Training Partner
  • New Implementation Project

The Reliability and Maintainability Center is motivated to provide world class professional development with this improved R&M Implementation Certification.   I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions regarding the program.

Best Regards,

Ryan Self