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Essential Reliable Manufacturing® Skills… The Series and RMIC® Certification

In many organizations we find people in leadership positions that may not have a technical background in Reliability or Reliable Manufacturing®. Formal education programs currently do little to prepare graduates to make good decisions around reliability in practical world of a modern industrial plant. A wise man once said that you should “Never ask a question that you don’t have an answer for”… On the surface that sounds strange, but consider this… If you do not have enough information to formulate any kind of answer then whatever the response given to the question you have to accept it. If you have enough knowledge to have some kind of answer (right or wrong) at least you will have enough knowledge to be able to open a dialogue and therefore make a much more informed decision.

The purpose of the Essential Reliable Manufacturing® series is to equip those in a leadership position with the practical knowledge and knowhow to effectively communicate with the many technical people involved in successful reliable manufacturing programs. These people include mechanics and technicians, vendors specialists etc. In addition the series prepares individuals to be passionate advocates of Reliable Manufacturing®. As well as technical knowledge, the 10 course series equips candidates with the tools needed to clearly demonstrate the value Reliable Manufacturing® brings to the organization.

During the 18 month series each course provides carefully crafted technical information aimed at leadership, along with a series of observations and challenges in the form of application assignments. Upon completion of these assignments, each individual will return hundreds of thousands of dollars in
value to the organization.

  • Accelerate real-world accomplishment
  • Gain practical application and project experience
  • Deliver actual, calculated and defensible ROI back to their site and,
  • Earn the prestigious RMIC® Certification.

Who Should Attend:

ERMS has been carefully designed for anyone who has a role in reliability including Production and Maintenance leaders, supervisors, engineers, and lead hands. Reliability leaders, managers and engineers.

Seminar Duration:

10 classes over an 18 month period. 4.5 days per class

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Course 1

Reliable Manufacturing® Boot Camp

Course 2

Foundational Elements

Course 3

Condition Monitoring Technologies

Course 4

Assembly and Installation

Course 5

Component Failure

Course 6

Vibration Analysis and Electrical Cond. Monitoring

Course 7

Pumps and Pumping Systems

Course 8

Asset Care and Operation

Course 9

Root Cause Problem Elimination

Course 10

Applying Reliable Manufacturing® Principles