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What’s Next with Predictive Technologies by Keith Crouch

When we think of modern equipment reliability concepts we immediately gravitate towards predictive technologies and condition monitoring. Advanced warnings for impending failures is such a competitive advantage in today’s business environment, and it comes to no surprise that condition monitoring is the foundation for solid equipment reliability.  Without it, the steps necessary to improving equipment reliability are shaky at best.

Fluke Connect® Condition Monitoring Software

Condition Monitoring (CM) is the process of monitoring a specific aspect of the condition of a piece of equipment.  Monitoring these aspects gives us the opportunity to detect a significant change that could be indicative of an impending failure.  This is normally visually illustrated with the P-F curve.  Effective condition monitoring and early detection allows maintenance to be scheduled proactively to avoid or mitigate the consequences of a full functional failure.

There are a wide variety of options available today ranging from your trusty thermography and ultrasound to advanced data analytics and even reaching into machine learning applications.  The amount of choices and applications we have available today can be quite overwhelming, and make selecting the correct tool a challenge.  This workshop will explore the whole spectrum of technologies available, talk about when to use them, and demonstrate how you can expect to improve your equipment reliability and ultimately impact your bottom line.  Learn more…