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Miller/Coors Plant Tours

Brewery Tour the packaging area in which there are 11 packaging lines. Lines run up to 2500 cans per minute were you will see various fillers, packers, and palletizers, as well as a warehouse full of beer.  Bottle lines run up to 2100 bottles per minute, and keg line runs up to 500 kegs an hour.  Bring steel toes, we can provide a vest, a bump cap, and safety glasses.  This area has over 500 people that work in it along with over 6500 total assets.


Can plant Tour the process and see large rolls of aluminum roll out flat sheets that stamp out discs that get pressed in various different machines throughout the process before the logo is printed on the can.  This area has 6 different lines that are running 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, and 24oz cans.  This facility is a joint venture with Ball Corporation so it only makes cans for MillerCoors facilities.


Ends plant Tour see where the lids are made for the cans.  There are various different machines and tons of cameras as every end (lid) has to pass a visual inspection for quality purposes.  At the brewery, you will see the seamer where the lid gets put on the can after beer is filled and see how the lid is folded, and ironed against the lip of the can to provide an air tight seal ensuring your beverage is always fresh.  This plant is exciting as we are running at an insanely fast rate at tolerances to the millionth.