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Date: Sep. 10, 2018–Sep. 12, 2018

Time: 8:00 am–4:00 pm

Location: Perkins Hall Room B60


Instructed by Wes Fulton, This time-tested complete workshop developed originally by Dr. Bob Abernethy is useful for most reliability, maintainability, safety and supportability applications. The instructor will completely cover Dr. Bob’s standard Weibull reference, THE NEW WEIBULL HANDBOOK(c), from the beginning to the end with case studies for use in Automotive, Aerospace, Electric Power Generation, Chemical & Petro-Chemical Plant, Medical, Military, Government Regulation and other fields. The methods presented are applicable to every type of product or service.”


  • Weibull analysis overview
  • 23-minute video short course
  • How to do a Weibull analysis
  • Interpretation of Good Weibulls
  • Interpretation of Bad Weibulls – Cusps, dog-legs, curves, t0, Lognormal
  • Extremely small sample analysis. . .what are the risks?
  • Suspensions & sample size effects on uncertainty
  • Predicting failures with and without renewal
  • Case studies. . .customer usage. . .maintenance planning. . .goodness-of-fit with ccc and the new pve%
  • Crow-AMSAA reliability growth modeling. . .for tracking development testing and repairable systems maintainability
  • Weibull Experiments. . .wire data. . .classwork problems and solutions


  • Experimental wire data distribution analysis
  • Optimal replacement intervals
  • Weibull analysis. . .improving accuracy, smaller samples, Weibayes
  • Weibayes substantiation tests. . .Have we fixed the problem? Zero-failure testing, sudden death tests
  • PlayTIME with SuperSMITH software. . .hands-on computer experience solving problems. . (students may bring their own data for analysis with the software)


  • Maximum likelihood Weibull theory and application
  • Rank regression (rr) vs. Maximum likelihood Estimation (mle). . .advantages/disadvantages
  • Alternate types of data . . . inspection and grouped with profit solutions
  • Interval mle
  • Confidence intervals
  • Are two Weibull data sets significantly different?
  • Additional PlayTIME tutorial work
  • Dauser shift
  • PlayTIME with SuperSMITH
  • Time for all students to analyze their own data and problems
  • Computer tutorial with typical problems

Wes-FultonWes Fulton is founder and CEO of Fulton Findings LLC and the creator of SuperSMITH Weibull, SuperSMITH Visual, and several special programs for statistical research such as MonteCarloSMITH(TM) and BiWeibullSMITH(TM) software packages. He has 16 years experience as Program Engineer for Garrett AiResearch aerospace systems. He supervised development and production engineering of aircraft flight control projects, and maneuvering fly-by-wire actuation systems. He co-patented the multi-fusible shaft (a high-performance drive-train device) and is a member of ASME, ASQ, IEEE, and SAE. A lecturer in statistical modeling, he developed the Fulton Factor used in set comparison and originated the concept of assurance that equates reliability and confidence.

**All workshops students receive the complete SuperSMITH package with the latest Weibull Engineering Software and the latest Weibull Engineering Publications.**


Member: $1,515

Non Member: $1,765

Includes: workbook, training fee, CEU Credit and lunch.

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